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During my time at Minuteman Press in Osseo, I gained a lot of experience in the print world. I created and printed everything from business cards, to posters, to brochures. But the main thing I worked on for our biggest client was menus. Our location was contracted with a food distributor and supplier who also offered menu design services to the restaurants.

Below are some of my favorite menu designs that I had the opportunity to collaborate with many people on.

Mad Capper Main OUTLINED 11-22_Page_1.jpg
Mad Capper Main OUTLINED 11-22_Page_2.jpg
Rival House Lunch 8.5x14 8-22 WEB_Page_1.jpg
Rival House Lunch 8.5x14 8-22 WEB_Page_2.jpg
Lazy Loon Main 11-22 WEB_Page_1.jpg
Lazy Loon Main 11-22 WEB_Page_2.jpg
Park Place Main 8-22 WEB_Page_1.jpg
Park Place Main 8-22 WEB_Page_2.jpg
Thirstys Main 10-22 WEB_Page_1.jpg
Thirstys Main 10-22 WEB_Page_2.jpg
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