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The Wave of Kagamawaga: Recreation

Illustrator, 2019

I’ve recreated the famous Japanese painting The Wave off Kanagawa in Adobe Illustrator. I chose this piece because I liked the layered affect Katsushika Hokusai created in the orignal print. I am proud of the way that vision and concept came together. Fine details became tedious, but it was worth it for the final product.

The Wave of Kamagawa Simplified Final.jpg

Book Covers: The Hobbit


I created two book covers to J.R.R Tolkien’s fantastical The Hobbit. The first cover is image-heavy, and the second cover is text-heavy. 
For the overall looks, I wanted the covers to both bring a more modern element to the classic tale. Using flat vector images for a clean look and simple gradients for aesthetic interest, I created two covers that pull the best elements from previous book covers.

For the text-heavy cover, I wanted to do a play on the main character’s title for the book, There and Back Again. I incorporated both the official title and the fictional title into the cover by playing with font color and proximity.


Cat Emotions

Illustrator, 2020

Cats are my favorite creature. I admire their many qualities and aspire to have as much audacity as they do. Cats are generally quiet in demeanor, but have so many more emotions to offer. I created a set of eight cat portraits that capture the different attitudes of cat while holding on to a playful whimsicalness. I first sketched with pencil on paper to get my ideas out of my head before drawing them on the computer.

Angry .jpg

For Kevin

Krita, 2018

This piece started as a parting gift for my co-worker. I created this towards the end of my time using the digital art program, Kritta. He really enjoyed this quote by Angela Davis, and even took a photo of it on a calendar he was giving me. I thought recreating and framing that for him would make a good parting gift. I decided to draw a bird, escaping the metaphorical cage that is “the things I can’t control”. Once we let that go, we are heading towards the freedom of things we can change.

Kevin's gift 2.jpg

A Night In Blue

Krita, 2018

This piece demonstrates my abilities with a digital paint brush. I wanted to create something fun with my brand new Huion drawing tablet using Krita, a digital drawing software.

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