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I worked with a client in Napa, California who needed a logo for her child psychology business. It was wonderful to work together with a bussiness owner who was invested in her own brand, had plenty of ideas and was excited to implement them.

HaMoN Business Card Mockup.jpg

To begin the logo design process, I started with three unique digital "sketches" of logo concepts. The owner gave me a lot of imagery to work with. She mentioned that her last name is "Gear" which inspired the cogs, and other businesses of Napa use grape imagery in their logos to reference their connection with wine.

Logo Options 1.jpg
Logo Options.jpg
Logo Options 3.jpg

After the initial logo was designed, the owner contacted me regarding her website. She had hired someone in California to design her website, and the three of us met to collaborate further on website fonts, colors, and layout.

Artboard 3.jpg
Artboard 2.jpg
Artboard 1.jpg
Artboard 4.jpg

Finally, I worked with her to generate a few business card layouts. It was tricky trying to balance the amount of content she wanted on the card with the white space her brand commanded.

Business Card Mockups.jpg

Final Business Card Design

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