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Self Portrait

Charcoal, 2020

This is my first self-portrait. At 18 by 24 inches, it was the largest piece I had done at the time. I created a high contrast reference image using an extremely lit selfie, various images of curtains, and photoshop. I printed it out and it served as a stellar guide for my first major charcoal drawing.

KonicaC207018481 Stitch (1280x942).jpg

Demon Barber

Charcoal, 2019

This piece is an homage to a favorite musical of mine, “Sweeney Todd”, an old horror musical about a murderous barber. I had discovered my love for charcoal at this point and wanted to show off my prowess by putting as many folds as possible into his sleeve. 

KonicaC207014294 Stitch - Copy.jpg

Minimal Still Life

Pencil and Color Pencil, 2020

For this still life I want to put as much detail into the piece as possible. I love to draw humans and thought this would not be a problem. As the deadline drew near and I had only finished the busts, I problem-solved the solution of changing medium and using light impression lines for the background.



Watercolor and Ink, 2019

I created this piece my freshman year at college after I had just begun missing home. My yearnings came out in my art, and I wanted to express my nebulous feelings in an equally as free medium.

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