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URSO - iPhone App

I've designed an app dedicated to people who exercise, and may need a workout buddy. Introducing Urso! He's a friendly bear that will workout alongside you. The app's features include a special function timer, stopwatch, alarm, exercise logs, and statistics. 

app store mockup.jpg
Logo Variations

Any great idea begins with research. After identifying my target market as young adults who are already somewhat dedicated to exercising regularly, I created a nine-question survey and conducted a brief interview with select individuals.

Task Analysis
Task Analysis Sheet_Illustration_AriannaSoydara-01.jpg

To understand my audience, I created several task analyses for a person from my target market may want to complete. One of these tasks I illustrated below.

After gathering an understanding of the processes involved in completing various exercise-related tasks, I began developing the user flow for my app and laying out the foundation for the navigation.

User Flow.jpg
User Flow

The next step was to create a wireframe for my app, laying out exactly where I wanted the navigation, images, and text to sit. I kept it black and white to focus on layout and flow. Only the red arrows, indicating direction in flow are colored.

Wireframe Working File-01.jpg

I brainstormed the words I wanted people to associate with my app and created moodboards based on those concepts. From these, I took inspiration for type, layout, color, and overall vibe. I began filling in my wireframes with designs based on my moodboards. I combined the last two concepts, "fun" and "friendly" into one color scheme and design.

Visual Conceptualization

From here, I was finally clear to develop the final image. I combined elements from the second and third developing concepts. I wanted everything to have a round, friendly, approachable feel. This style made its way into my primary font, the icons, the corners of boxes and lines, and of course, the mascot himself, Urso.



Final Product
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