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The first part of the process was deciding how to break up a 14 by 8.5 inch piece of paper. I decided to let the natural grid created by the fold lines do most of the work. I played with the idea of a grid with four rows and three. In the end a very loose four-row grid dominated.

I then created some basic mockups of the "cells" that would hold each product in the line. The cells evolved until I got the final one you see here. 

After a long process of playing with the grid and layout on the inside, my manager and I worked closely o create an eye-catching cover.


Here are a few rough drafts.

After editing the final draft to completion, I also created a brochure with the same layout, but a different cell for the products to appeal to people who like to see how much they've saved instead of bulk pricing.

These brochures (total of three) were my biggest project at GLM displays. I was tasked with making a gate-fold brochure that showcased the top product in the business.

Cover Mockups.jpg