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In 2019, I worked as a graphic designer for GLM Displays in Becker, Minnesota. GLM Displays is a store that sells tradeshow displays and other large pop-ups that you can custom print your brand onto. 

My projects at GLM Displays were focused on GLM Select, a series of products the owner wanted to push during the pandemic; they featured the best quality for a great price. The largest project was the brochure pictured below. After designing the layout, I used photoshop to take the product picture and add an interesting example of what a customer could potentially put on their display. This was particularly important for the church version of the line.

Cover Mockups.jpg
GLM Displays Brochure Inside Open Mockup - Church.jpg

These are a few of the preliminary layouts for each product. I had to carefully consider layout due to the large amount of content I needed to fit into a small space.

Discount Cell 1-01.jpg
Finalizing Cells
Discount Cell 5-01.jpg
Discount Cell 6-01.jpg

The owner and I worked together in Adobe Illustrator to generate logo ideas for this line of product.

Making a Logo
GLM Select Series 14-01.jpg
GLM Select Series 8-01.jpg
GLM Select Series 11-01.jpg

After I finalized and printed the brochure, I applied the new designs to posts for Instagram and Facebook.

Your Church Your Way.jpg
Socia Media Posts

As the graphic designer for GLM Displays, I spent time updating the homepage webdsite banners that the previous designer had put into place. These banners were refreshed with product from the GLM Select.

Custom Canopy Tents.jpg
Home Page Banners
X-Banner 5-Pack.jpg
SEG Light Box Vertical.jpg
Fabric Stand Vertical.jpg
X-Banner 5-Pack square.jpg
Discount Feather Flags Square.jpg
Discount Feather Flags Horizontal.jpg

I further expanded on social media posts by creating a few GIFs that featured the same use of Photoshop to create interesting mockups tailored to our Church customers and essential workers.

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